Hair Contouring

Summer is coming!!! So, right before sun starts kicking into your hair and drawing some beautiful shades of light in your mane, you need to R U S H to your favorite hairstylist, or a new one to prepare sun’s work.

Today I will talk about the hair contouring. Like its twin, the make up contouring, the hair contouring is definitely gonna get the same successful path. The main feature of that technique is that it a “smart” version of the balayage, a balayage 2.0.

So basically, light tones where you want to drive the eye and darker tones where you want to dissimulate. Our dear 3 favorite shapes of head, oval, square and round. Contouring has been misunderstood by A LOT of hairstylists, drawing a full blonde area around the face…


it creates a “frame” effect that is not helping…


If you want to ad length and make your face look more oval, you’ll need light at the top and on your ends. Combo would be long bangs lighter, and balayage starting from your jaws.


If you want to make your face look more square/round, play with darker tones around your jaws and forehead.


Special case, that lovely diamond shape, lighter tones on the forehead, darker on the jaws and lighter on the ends.


That new version will totally add balance to your face shape and you’ll feel even better with your hair. Don’t hesitate in talking with your hairstylist and ask for advices, now that you know the rules, you’ll find your perfect hairstylist and hairstyle and you’ll feel perfect for those warm nights coming!!!

Back to Bangs !

Brought slowly but surely by the shag haircut, Bangs need to be totally on your to do list for 2017! The sooner the better. Forget right now that fringe your grandma did when you were 6years old with the kitchen scissors while cooking… or that last one bad experience with a youtube tutorial “DIY bangs No risk”. It’s time to trust your stylist and enroll in the fringe game!

Obviously they are rules.

Reminder on stylists’ side, check client’s face’s shape, hair texture, forehead size, adapt to the look and of course the haircut. A faux bob can be also created for clients with very long hair, to give a versatile styling. Keep in mind its gonna be what your client will see all day long!

On clients’ side now, first of all you gotta be ready, then explain with the right words and make sure your hairstylist understood you and what you are looking for. Some pictures can always help. Please do not try any tutorial technique you saw… best bangs comes out from your stylist’s hands.


Bangs are also VERY helpful on bad hair days, when you wear hats or beanies etc…!!!

Here are few requests I had lately on my chair : long bangs with center part, the half moon,  the whispy bang, the big full blunt bang, baby/short bang, and last on the list the side swoop. Mostly we can feel that vintage feel in our clients requests but also in inspirations, from the 50’s to the 90’s.

With that mood board, we scan every kind of bangs you could ask for. Pick the one you feel like the most and lets go, chop chop!


NO! TOP 2017 haircuts come with trends for all lengths

Goodbye to those sayings… Your femininity doesn’t belong to your hair length!

Your hair length represents, spiritually talking, your memory, your storage. You have all experienced one day, that need of chopping off your hair or the contrary, letting it grow, and grow, and grow even longer! Your life’s events will determine your length, if you pay attention to them. It is absolutely NOTHING about femininity!

When going to the hair salon, communication is the key. Even you hairstylists, as professionals you need to forget about that right now. Enhance your client’s femininity with some pretty details, bangs giving strength to the look, styling in a new smoother way, keeping a long bottom perimeter or whichever good idea will cross your mind.

Let’s now visit the hair world and find inspo for your new look!

Chelseacut, Pixie, Bob, Lob, Undercut… follow your tastes and feelings.

TIPS to get the 2017 touch, don’t use the fade geometry. It will be smarter to keep some length on the bottom perimeter. That is the ULTIMATE detail that will save you from getting a looking like mens’ haircut. Blunt textures are also coming back, still take advantage of your curly hair, shaggy look will always be a must! And manage to get the perfect bangs, the one that will take the best out of your eyes. Look for effortless hair.

You can contact me for any tips, consultation or haircut.

KÉRASTASE and WITHINGS created world’s first smart hairbrush


CES 2017 brought a lot of new technologies. KERASTASE and Withings teamed up to offer us, you, the best for your hair. That smart Hair Brush, connected to an app, is gonna be the ultimate object to take care of your hair…once again “data based”. Its about analyzing your brushing patterns and the quality of your hair!


Well a Microphone will listen to the sound of your hair brushing, 3 axis load cells(what is that!!!!?) will determinate the force applied to the hair and the scalp, accelerometer and gyroscope analyzing brushing patterns and conductivity sensors to know if you brush wet or dry hair.

Wifi or Bluetooth will send all those precious infos to your app, they will be crossed with your location, UV’s, humidity … of your current location and they will provide you advices on which products will suit you best, in the KERASTASE range INDEED!


Once again, in 2017 data is gonna be the key. That brush will be surely helpful for your hair, you will just need to keep in control your privacy and how their advices could impact your consumption…


Pantone’s 2017 color is Green. A guide on how to understand your client the best way and agree on the project.

Green will be the new it color for 2017. Green makes us think of Nature, hope, grass… but nothing about any great hair color at all. (there is always some great exceptions)

Fashion will take over that new color, Gucci’s favorite one!



Inspired by Marylin in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, we can agree, green will definitely match perfectly with all sorts of blond hair and warm brown hair, but obviously the winner will be the copper!!! From dark cold colors to any fantasy color, don’t risk yourself into that green game.

For you hairstylists, when going further in your client’s scan, you can extend your interview to your client’s lifestyle. You gotta be able to match hair’s color to client’s look and skin color. Few of our clients really appreciate copper reflects, it might be a time for you to re-educate their tastes and take advantage of that green year!

A successful client’s scan will include :

  • a cold reading of client’s appearance : Hairstyle, Length, Texture, Clothing Style, Make up…
  • target questions : Habits, Products, Favorite clothing pieces, Lifestyle
  • open discussion : client’s expectations, Mood, Lifestyle…
  • your professional eye : listen, agree and offer to go further once you summed up her desires. Propose a hairstyle or a hair color she had in mind but wasn’t able to explain. That’s when you know you understood your client and you both agree on the project.
  • Always explain the full process, from washing hair to styling hair and give advice on how to maintain the look with which products.

To have more back up in your hairstylist job, I will provide several useful tools such as trends global vision through eras, how to use art as your own inspiration …

Start using that interview process and go further in your work and share more with your clients. Offer them what they desire.

Shag Hair with “Justice – Fire” featuring Susan Sarandon


Justice came back with that new video for “Fire” and a lot of shag hair. Back for several months now, inspired by Mick Jagger’s 70’s looks, now named after Morrison’s ones, that effortless hairstyle embraces your curls. Bangs are giving the touch!

Susan wears it with a copper “fire”, perfect autumn tone.


Don’t be afraid to shorten your mane, it’s good for your dead ends and short hair always grows back! To achieve the look, I recommend Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious range of products, total curl control, no frizzy hair and a wonderful smell!