How to Blue hair !

Blue on hair is mesmerizing. You can go blue only if you go carefully. It’s of course a heavy process that will need care, before, during and after (good products, adapted at home!) !

There is something great with blue is that we can make it work if you have natural hair (easier) but even if you have dark dyed hair! Blue offers a lot of different “mix and match” and looks beautiful itself in lighter or darker shades.

Lets put pictures on those words and see what it looks like!



If you always had blue somewhere in your mind, I hope those pictures will help you to find the blue you want and go to your favorite colorist and just jump into 2018 with a new look!

“Blue has no dimension it is beyond dimensions” Yves Klein


Art & Hair 2

Today we are going to focus on one artist only. It happens this spanish guy is actually a chef! Sometimes around 2010 Javier started putting his artworks for sale on eBay. Few years after, he moved to instagram and has his own website where you can purchase his works.

Javier-Mayoral-Illustration-Swimmerphoto 4photo 3photo 2photo 5photo 1

Pulpbrother is a great inspiration for me that I wanted to share with you guys. His universe is something around comics, lots of humour,  particular/personal vision of pop art and a message with a unique randomness!

Today’s idea is to talk about creativity and why always push your limits and never give up. We are here with an artist than paints around 3 to 5 pieces a day for almost 10 years. Most of us are doing about 10 clients per day for a long time. We are in the same situation. That is the beauty of our work…but are you doing it the same way? Or do you push our limits further? What is remarkable in his works is how in those years he is still one of the catchier artists out there! You’ll figure out how!

What about us? What about you?

Well the point here is for us to remember Why and How we gotta stay in the game?! You can’t afford to become the boring one! You have to be careful because today’s life is driven by Instagram, your clients needs and then the trends! What does happen with that? You become another one in the pack! You gotta be like Javier, You always gotta look for better! You have 10 blank canvases per day, up to you to make them unique and build your own image! Hashtags are reducing you, your work is not!

Be concious of what you are doing, if you worked a technique, a shape, a look in the past always give it a twist. Use it as a base to go higher by giving it a new version! Use your current mood, feel the creation and do it. Express yourself, your vision, your “Why” this client is in your hands and not in someone else’s.

Commitment is something that will set you appart! Creation, art whatever we can call it is not coming to your hands from wherever…What is gonna set you apart is the discipline, that is why I am dragging your attention on embracing those new canvases that are here to help you building your own image, yourself… take advantage of that and be better than you were before, each time, that is your discipline!

The loop is done with artists like Javier using our creations and vision to inspire his work! Hair is not just 90% of your selfie, it can be a source of inspiration!

What to do with the hair on my face?!!!! Fall 2017

If you still haven’t decided to cut your bangs, here are few more ideas seen on the latest fashion weeks’ shows to manage your hair!

You can for sure go for the shag look, even for your bangs, it’s less work for you! EASY

Other possibility, could be also really helpfull for flat hair, you can go for an exagerated side part! It’s always one of the sexiest move women can do with thair! You can use some dust powder or dry shampoo!

One last possibility you can use pins, but be careful ONE single pin. Exit the trend of lots of pins and even worse doing “art” with them!


Art & Hair 1

We are surrounded by Art.

Art is essencially, my opinion, here to open your eyes to something new… in several ways! (Hypersuperquick definition of Art)

Every day we listen to that, “You, stylists you are artists, so create”

Let’s see it the other way around also, how hair inspires Art.

As a first post about that topic, I want to share artworks that l’ve been across that are directly referring to hair, this one post won’t be about how us, stylists can find inspiration through artworks.

Few examples on how hair can be done with other materials using a real or unreal look. How hair can have a message, from funny to sarcastic. How it can be accesorized. But also how it can be used as a message. How it can show the real organic aspect of its nature. And many other posibilities…

It’s interesting to see how flexible hair is and how it can be used and substituted.

On following posts about Art & Hair we’ll wander in how art can inspire us to go further and create diferent things!

Instagram and social medias are creating a unique Look for the moment, for us stylists it’s important not to copy paste. Stay away from what the others are doing!

Credits : Hong Chun Zhang, Scott Fife and sadly I ignore the other artists involved…


Hair Contouring

Summer is coming!!! So, right before sun starts kicking into your hair and drawing some beautiful shades of light in your mane, you need to R U S H to your favorite hairstylist, or a new one to prepare sun’s work.

Today I will talk about the hair contouring. Like its twin, the make up contouring, the hair contouring is definitely gonna get the same successful path. The main feature of that technique is that it a “smart” version of the balayage, a balayage 2.0.

So basically, light tones where you want to drive the eye and darker tones where you want to dissimulate. Our dear 3 favorite shapes of head, oval, square and round. Contouring has been misunderstood by A LOT of hairstylists, drawing a full blonde area around the face…


it creates a “frame” effect that is not helping…


If you want to ad length and make your face look more oval, you’ll need light at the top and on your ends. Combo would be long bangs lighter, and balayage starting from your jaws.


If you want to make your face look more square/round, play with darker tones around your jaws and forehead.


Special case, that lovely diamond shape, lighter tones on the forehead, darker on the jaws and lighter on the ends.


That new version will totally add balance to your face shape and you’ll feel even better with your hair. Don’t hesitate in talking with your hairstylist and ask for advices, now that you know the rules, you’ll find your perfect hairstylist and hairstyle and you’ll feel perfect for those warm nights coming!!!

Back to Bangs !

Brought slowly but surely by the shag haircut, Bangs need to be totally on your to do list for 2017! The sooner the better. Forget right now that fringe your grandma did when you were 6years old with the kitchen scissors while cooking… or that last one bad experience with a youtube tutorial “DIY bangs No risk”. It’s time to trust your stylist and enroll in the fringe game!

Obviously they are rules.

Reminder on stylists’ side, check client’s face’s shape, hair texture, forehead size, adapt to the look and of course the haircut. A faux bob can be also created for clients with very long hair, to give a versatile styling. Keep in mind its gonna be what your client will see all day long!

On clients’ side now, first of all you gotta be ready, then explain with the right words and make sure your hairstylist understood you and what you are looking for. Some pictures can always help. Please do not try any tutorial technique you saw… best bangs comes out from your stylist’s hands.


Bangs are also VERY helpful on bad hair days, when you wear hats or beanies etc…!!!

Here are few requests I had lately on my chair : long bangs with center part, the half moon,  the whispy bang, the big full blunt bang, baby/short bang, and last on the list the side swoop. Mostly we can feel that vintage feel in our clients requests but also in inspirations, from the 50’s to the 90’s.

With that mood board, we scan every kind of bangs you could ask for. Pick the one you feel like the most and lets go, chop chop!


NO! TOP 2017 haircuts come with trends for all lengths

Goodbye to those sayings… Your femininity doesn’t belong to your hair length!

Your hair length represents, spiritually talking, your memory, your storage. You have all experienced one day, that need of chopping off your hair or the contrary, letting it grow, and grow, and grow even longer! Your life’s events will determine your length, if you pay attention to them. It is absolutely NOTHING about femininity!

When going to the hair salon, communication is the key. Even you hairstylists, as professionals you need to forget about that right now. Enhance your client’s femininity with some pretty details, bangs giving strength to the look, styling in a new smoother way, keeping a long bottom perimeter or whichever good idea will cross your mind.

Let’s now visit the hair world and find inspo for your new look!

Chelseacut, Pixie, Bob, Lob, Undercut… follow your tastes and feelings.

TIPS to get the 2017 touch, don’t use the fade geometry. It will be smarter to keep some length on the bottom perimeter. That is the ULTIMATE detail that will save you from getting a looking like mens’ haircut. Blunt textures are also coming back, still take advantage of your curly hair, shaggy look will always be a must! And manage to get the perfect bangs, the one that will take the best out of your eyes. Look for effortless hair.

You can contact me for any tips, consultation or haircut.