Hair Contouring

Summer is coming!!! So, right before sun starts kicking into your hair and drawing some beautiful shades of light in your mane, you need to R U S H to your favorite hairstylist, or a new one to prepare sun’s work.

Today I will talk about the hair contouring. Like its twin, the make up contouring, the hair contouring is definitely gonna get the same successful path. The main feature of that technique is that it a “smart” version of the balayage, a balayage 2.0.

So basically, light tones where you want to drive the eye and darker tones where you want to dissimulate. Our dear 3 favorite shapes of head, oval, square and round. Contouring has been misunderstood by A LOT of hairstylists, drawing a full blonde area around the face…


it creates a “frame” effect that is not helping…


If you want to ad length and make your face look more oval, you’ll need light at the top and on your ends. Combo would be long bangs lighter, and balayage starting from your jaws.


If you want to make your face look more square/round, play with darker tones around your jaws and forehead.


Special case, that lovely diamond shape, lighter tones on the forehead, darker on the jaws and lighter on the ends.


That new version will totally add balance to your face shape and you’ll feel even better with your hair. Don’t hesitate in talking with your hairstylist and ask for advices, now that you know the rules, you’ll find your perfect hairstylist and hairstyle and you’ll feel perfect for those warm nights coming!!!


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