Back to Bangs !

Brought slowly but surely by the shag haircut, Bangs need to be totally on your to do list for 2017! The sooner the better. Forget right now that fringe your grandma did when you were 6years old with the kitchen scissors while cooking… or that last one bad experience with a youtube tutorial “DIY bangs No risk”. It’s time to trust your stylist and enroll in the fringe game!

Obviously they are rules.

Reminder on stylists’ side, check client’s face’s shape, hair texture, forehead size, adapt to the look and of course the haircut. A faux bob can be also created for clients with very long hair, to give a versatile styling. Keep in mind its gonna be what your client will see all day long!

On clients’ side now, first of all you gotta be ready, then explain with the right words and make sure your hairstylist understood you and what you are looking for. Some pictures can always help. Please do not try any tutorial technique you saw… best bangs comes out from your stylist’s hands.


Bangs are also VERY helpful on bad hair days, when you wear hats or beanies etc…!!!

Here are few requests I had lately on my chair : long bangs with center part, the half moon,  the whispy bang, the big full blunt bang, baby/short bang, and last on the list the side swoop. Mostly we can feel that vintage feel in our clients requests but also in inspirations, from the 50’s to the 90’s.

With that mood board, we scan every kind of bangs you could ask for. Pick the one you feel like the most and lets go, chop chop!



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