NO! TOP 2017 haircuts come with trends for all lengths

Goodbye to those sayings… Your femininity doesn’t belong to your hair length!

Your hair length represents, spiritually talking, your memory, your storage. You have all experienced one day, that need of chopping off your hair or the contrary, letting it grow, and grow, and grow even longer! Your life’s events will determine your length, if you pay attention to them. It is absolutely NOTHING about femininity!

When going to the hair salon, communication is the key. Even you hairstylists, as professionals you need to forget about that right now. Enhance your client’s femininity with some pretty details, bangs giving strength to the look, styling in a new smoother way, keeping a long bottom perimeter or whichever good idea will cross your mind.

Let’s now visit the hair world and find inspo for your new look!

Chelseacut, Pixie, Bob, Lob, Undercut… follow your tastes and feelings.

TIPS to get the 2017 touch, don’t use the fade geometry. It will be smarter to keep some length on the bottom perimeter. That is the ULTIMATE detail that will save you from getting a looking like mens’ haircut. Blunt textures are also coming back, still take advantage of your curly hair, shaggy look will always be a must! And manage to get the perfect bangs, the one that will take the best out of your eyes. Look for effortless hair.

You can contact me for any tips, consultation or haircut.


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