KÉRASTASE and WITHINGS created world’s first smart hairbrush


CES 2017 brought a lot of new technologies. KERASTASE and Withings teamed up to offer us, you, the best for your hair. That smart Hair Brush, connected to an app, is gonna be the ultimate object to take care of your hair…once again “data based”. Its about analyzing your brushing patterns and the quality of your hair!


Well a Microphone will listen to the sound of your hair brushing, 3 axis load cells(what is that!!!!?) will determinate the force applied to the hair and the scalp, accelerometer and gyroscope analyzing brushing patterns and conductivity sensors to know if you brush wet or dry hair.

Wifi or Bluetooth will send all those precious infos to your app, they will be crossed with your location, UV’s, humidity … of your current location and they will provide you advices on which products will suit you best, in the KERASTASE range INDEED!


Once again, in 2017 data is gonna be the key. That brush will be surely helpful for your hair, you will just need to keep in control your privacy and how their advices could impact your consumption…



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