Pantone’s 2017 color is Green. A guide on how to understand your client the best way and agree on the project.

Green will be the new it color for 2017. Green makes us think of Nature, hope, grass… but nothing about any great hair color at all. (there is always some great exceptions)

Fashion will take over that new color, Gucci’s favorite one!



Inspired by Marylin in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, we can agree, green will definitely match perfectly with all sorts of blond hair and warm brown hair, but obviously the winner will be the copper!!! From dark cold colors to any fantasy color, don’t risk yourself into that green game.

For you hairstylists, when going further in your client’s scan, you can extend your interview to your client’s lifestyle. You gotta be able to match hair’s color to client’s look and skin color. Few of our clients really appreciate copper reflects, it might be a time for you to re-educate their tastes and take advantage of that green year!

A successful client’s scan will include :

  • a cold reading of client’s appearance : Hairstyle, Length, Texture, Clothing Style, Make up…
  • target questions : Habits, Products, Favorite clothing pieces, Lifestyle
  • open discussion : client’s expectations, Mood, Lifestyle…
  • your professional eye : listen, agree and offer to go further once you summed up her desires. Propose a hairstyle or a hair color she had in mind but wasn’t able to explain. That’s when you know you understood your client and you both agree on the project.
  • Always explain the full process, from washing hair to styling hair and give advice on how to maintain the look with which products.

To have more back up in your hairstylist job, I will provide several useful tools such as trends global vision through eras, how to use art as your own inspiration …

Start using that interview process and go further in your work and share more with your clients. Offer them what they desire.


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